recepticle=So, you want to blog in Flash, eh?

If you're here then you have, for whatever reason, decided you want to design your blog in Flash. While I appreciate your choice, I must warn you that at least one of the following is required:

1: a copy of Flash MX or above.
2: More spare time and patience than a kindly old man with four packs of cards, willing to spend every evening for the rest of his life playing big-picture solitaire.
3: A full head of hair. For tearing out. And eating.
4: ...and some experience with Actionscript would be nice.

PLEASE NOTE: If your blog is currently hosted with blogspot, you will not be able to host your Flash blog there, and will have to find an alternative hosting solution.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: i'm getting a lot of questions regarding how to embed Flash objects into blogs and how to upload .swf files, so I've decided to set up a quick tutorial for uploading and embedding Flash in your regular blog.

Dummy's Guide: putting a Flash movie in your blog
Simply want to put a Flash movie on your blog? Then this is the guide for you.

Tutorial One: loading your blog into Flash
Loading external content into Flash / your Blogger template.

Tutorial Two: images %26 other files
Introducing the asfunction / loading images into your blog.

Tutorial Three: lovely scrollbars
Loading text into a loadVars object / the scrollbar component.

Tutorial Four: getting comments to work
Displaying a comments link with number of comments posted, in a popup.

Tutorial Five: CSS in Flash
Applying CSS to your Flash blog / importing external CSS documents
(note: this tutorial is only for Flash MX 2004 and above)

Tutorial Six: Using XML to load a Myspace blog
Creating a feed / Loading XML into Flash / Prepare for insanity.